Hello world. My name is Kritty

Hello, my name is Kristin Welch, but since I can remember people have called me Kritty. Kristin, Kritty, whichever you are comfortable with.

This is my playful blog. I’ve been passionate about making school fun and honoring different learning styles since my first detention in second grade. I got detention for drawing (more than once) and now I’m a mom, teacher, math coach, sketchnoter, with a BS in fine arts and M.Ed. in STEAM a Google Innovator (#DEN18–Woot!)

Traditional school was the worst! I couldn’t wait to go home, play, draw, read my encyclopedias. When I became a teacher I vowed I would be the teacher I wish I’d had. I’ve always known play is important. Now I have the research to backup my claims. Play is the work of children, and there is much to be gained in a joyful way if we make room for it.

When you put play first, you learn about what kids enjoy, you build trust and community, and everything you ‘must cover’ can be done in a more engaging, meaningful way. It’s counter intuitive, “we don’t have time for this,” but I argue you don’t have time not to. YOLO. Play. You’ll see.


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